Elect Experience.

Purpose Statement

“I will strive to be a positive example of character and integrity for my children, my agency, and my community. I want to be remembered as a leader who was guided by ethical decision making with a moral compass that always pointed true North. As a leader, I will ensure that every action I take is for the betterment of those who have put their trust in me. I will do my best to inspire loyalty and pride in the people who’s lives I touch daily, both personally and professionally. I will give opportunity and guidance to those who wish to pursue the path of leadership and service. I will always remember that I represent my God, my family, my country, and my community and I will bring no shame or cause for disrespect to any of them.

Finally, I believe my chosen profession of Law Enforcement is an honorable and noble calling. I will work tirelessly to ensure neither I, nor those who work with or for me, do anything to tarnish that calling. And I will never forget Edmund Burke’s telling quote, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Focusing on Crime, Safety and Community

  • Appoint an Elderly Services Officer to partner with our seniors to educate and protect against scams and other crimes.
  • Develop a Street Crimes Unit with an emphasis on drug dealers and violent offenders.
  • Continue and expand the DARE program with a focus on outreach and education for youth.
  • Work with other law enforcement agencies and the State’s Attorney’s Office to react and respond to any major crisis or crime together.
  • Provide continued professional education for deputies and staff in order to provide the highest quality of expertise.
  • Work in partnership with our communities and our leaders to ensure Logan County remains a safe place to live, work and raise a family.