Through service, honor and integrity, I aim to positively impact my family, friends, neighbors, peers and all others seeking a community in Logan County. I lead with the heart and with an unwavering ethical compass and I will be diligent in making our home safer, always.


My vision is that the Logan County Sheriff’s Office works to achieve the highest level of community safety and to eradicate criminal activity. We will achieve this through innovation, technology and collaborative partnerships with our local governments, police agencies and citizens.

Core Values:

  • Character
  • Experience
  • Integrity
  • Justice
  • Safety
  • Leadership
  • God. Family. Community.

Focusing on Crime, Safety and Community

  • Appoint an Elderly Services Officer to partner with our seniors to educate and protect against scams and other crimes.
  • Develop a Street Crimes Unit with an emphasis on drug dealers and violent offenders.
  • Continue and expand the DARE program with a focus on outreach and education for youth.
  • Work with other law enforcement agencies and the State’s Attorney’s Office to react and respond to any major crisis or crime together.
  • Provide continued professional education for deputies and staff in order to provide the highest quality of expertise.
  • Work in partnership with our communities and our leaders to ensure Logan County remains a safe place to live, work and raise a family.